Deep Space Station 46 started its life as DSS44 at the Hoenysuckle Creek Tracking Station. Most famous role in the Apollo XI Moon landing.

Deep Space Station 46
Constructed: Originally constructed in 1965 at the Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station for the Apollo missions, this antenna received the first images of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon. In 1983 it was relocated to Tidbinbilla and modified. The X-Y configuration and small dish size allow it to move rapidly, making it ideal for tracking near-Earth spacecraft.

The antenna was retired from deep space service in December 2009.


Type: X-Y Axes Hourglass
Diameter: 26 metres
Height: 35 metres
Transmit: S-band (2025-2120MHz)
Receive: X-band (8400-8500MHz)
S-band (2200-2300MHz)
Accuracy: within 0.1° (pointing)
within 1.2mm (surface)
Turning: 5.0° per second, but
limited to 3.0° per sec
Winds: Stow - steady at 72km/h
Stow - gusts +88km/h
Design Max. - 160km/h

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