Accessibility and Visiting Tips

The Visitor Centre is located on the grounds of the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) at Tidbinbilla, about 35kms southwest of the city of Canberra.

We endeavour to make the visitor centre accessible to all people and are always looking at ways to improve.

Getting to the Visitor Centre

Unfortunately there is no public transport to the Visitor Centre. Options for visiting are:

  • Driving (personal or hire car)
  • Cycling (NB: hills and winding roads, animals frequent area)
  • Taxi/Uber (NB: recommend seeking cost quotes as return journeys may be expensive.)
  • When the Visitor Centre is open: Tour Companies (several Canberra-based tour companies offer tours that include the CDSCC Visitor Centre)
For further information about transport options please contact Visit Canberra or phone 1300 554 114.

Phone and Internet Coverage

As the Visitor Centre is in a rural area, there is limited to no mobile phone/internet coverage.

  • There is no mobile phone coverage available at our Centre
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or in aeroplane/flight mode.
  • There is no public phone available at our Centre (please ask staff for assistance)
  • Nearest limited phone coverage is 4.5 km from the Centre


  • There is free parking
  • Two disabled parking spots are available
  • The car park and the start of the entry path are on a slight incline
  • Bus parking is available in the car park

Access from the Carpark to the Front Door

  • The Centre's entry is 140 metres walk from the carpark
  • There is not a drop off point at the front door of the Centre
  • There are seats and a low wall that can be used as rest points
  • The main entry path is level with no steps to the Centre
  • The Centre has automatic entry doors

Wheelchair, Pram & Stroller Access

  • The CDSCC Visitor Centre is wheelchair, pram and stroller accessible
  • The only item on display inside the Centre that is not wheelchair accessible is our photo opportunity spacesuit
  • For accessibility in regards to bathrooms, please see the section on Bathrooms
  • There are three sets of stairs outside. Two access the raised area to the right of the entry and the other is from the balcony to the playground. The main entrance to the playground does not have stairs. Please see our map for more detail on wheelchair, pram and stroller accessibility

Wheelchair Availability

One wheelchair is available to borrow while exploring the Visitor Centre.

  • We suggest enquiring ahead of time on (02) 6201 7800
  • The wheelchair is available from the Guard Hut near the car park
  • Contact the guards using the intercom on the yellow bollard near the pedestrian crossing
  • Or contact staff for assistance
  • Please return it at the end of your visit to the Guard Hut

First Aid and Medical Assistance

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex have trained first aiders on staff.

For first aid or in case of a medical emergency:

  • Please find a member of staff in the Centre or Café, or at the Guard Hut (see map)
  • Emergency services generally take at least half an hour to get to the Centre
  • There is a publically accessible Automated External Defibrillator in the Centre


There are three areas in the Visitor Centre with seating:

  • main theatre, small theatre, and window viewing area

Bathrooms & Baby Change Tables

There are two sets of bathrooms at the Visitor Centre - inside and outside.


  • There are male and female bathrooms
  • A baby change table and nappy disposal is in the female bathroom
  • The bathrooms are located near the front door
  • These bathrooms are not disability friendly
  • These bathrooms currently have paper towel for hand drying


  • Next to the playground is an additional block of bathrooms (see map for location of outside toilets)
  • These are male, female and all gender/disabled bathrooms
  • A baby change table and nappy disposal is in the all gender/disabled bathroom
  • The bathrooms have paper towel for hand drying

Assistance Animals

Assistance animals are welcome at the CDSCC Visitor Centre.
For further enquiries, please call (02) 6201 7809 ahead of your visit.


Pacemakers are not affected by the antennas or radio frequencies used.


There is no known risk due to antenna operations.

Breast Feeding

The Visitor Centre is a breastfeeding-friendly institution and you are welcome to breastfeed anywhere in the Centre.

Travel Sickness

The roads from Canberra are quite hilly and winding. Persons susceptible to travel sickness may struggle.

  • The route from the south is less windy than the north route and is therefore used by most bus/coach drivers bringing school groups to the Complex
  • Persons susceptible to travel sickness should take road conditions into account

Sensory Needs

The quietest periods (lowest numbers of visitors) to visit the Visitor Centre are generally in the first and last hour of the day.

  • We may have a school or other group booked in
  • Please call us to check ahead of time - we are in the office from 7:45 am - 4:42 pm most weekdays


There can be a reasonable amount of noise in the Centre.

  • Noise can be from both theatres, the attached Café or other visitors


Lighting is generally at a medium level in the Centre. There are some fluorescent lights, but most are LED lights.


There may be various smells in the visitor centre.

Quiet Spaces

Unfortunately we do not have any inside spaces that could be called 'quiet spaces'.

  • If the weather is fine and it will not worsen the situation, your best option might be to head outdoors if a quiet space is needed

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

For a self-guided visit, the only two places inside the Centre where sound is used are the two theatres.

  • Unfortunately the majority of the videos we have sourced from various space agencies do not have closed captions, but we are working on adding them in as our time permits
  • The rest of the information in the visitor centre is visual: screens, exhibits, and text

Blind and Low Vision

Most of our displays contain written information. We do not currently have any alternative options.

  • If your low vision restricts you from being able to read the written information, we would suggest that you visit with someone who will be able to read and convey it to get the most enjoyment from your visit
  • Unfortunately, at this time we have very few displays that can be touched

Parking and Entry Map

This map shows the carpark, disabled parking, guard hut and the path to the visitor centre. Click the map for a larger version.

Small version of parking plan

CDSCC Visitor Centre Map

This map of the Centre shows the entries/exits, bathrooms, baby change areas, and three sets of stairs that are used for some outside access. Click the map for a larger version.

Small version of Visitor centre plan showing access