Tracking Today

Tracking Schedule

Each day the antennas are directed to receive or transmit data to any number of robotic spacecraft exploring our Solar System and beyond. This schedule is worked out months in advance by the mission controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California USA.

At various times in the schedule, time is set aside for antenna calibration, maintenance, or engineering development tasks. Time is also set aside for radio astronomy projects and mission training simulations.

Below is the general antenna tracking schedule for the next few weeks, showing the spacecraft being tracked each day. A list of links to each mission can also be found on this page.

Antenna Spacecraft Date   Time*
DSSXX USER 00/00   0000-0000

* Beginning and End of Track. Australian Eastern Standard Time or Australian Eastern Daylight time (confirm dates here). Data is subject to change without notice.

Deep Space Network - NOW

Screenshot of DSN Now showing antennas receiving and transmitting

DSN Now is a fantastic website (also for smart phones) where you can discover exactly what each antenna is up to and what spacecraft it's communicating with.

Take a look at the website and see whether we are transmitting or receiving, data on signal strengths, transmission power, spacecraft distance and a whole lot more.

Spacecraft Missions

ACE Advanced Composition Explorer
CH2O Chandrayaan 2
CHDR Chandra X-ray Space Telescope
CLU Cluster 1-4: Earth's Magnetosphere
DSCO Deep Space Climate Observatory
EMMEmirates Mars Mission Hope Probe
GTL Geotail: Earth's Magnetic Field
HYB2JAXA Hayabusa2 asteroid mission
JNO Jupiter Mission
LRO Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
M01O Mars Odyssey
M20 Mars 2020 Perserverance Rover
MEX Mars Express (ESA)
MMS MMS1-4 Magnetospheric MultiScale
MOM Mars Orbiter Mission (India)
MRO Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
MSL Mars Science Laboratory
MVN MAVEN: Mars atmosphere mission
NHPC New Horizons Pluto mission
NSYT InSight: Mars lander
ORXOsiris-Rex mission to asteroid Bennu
PLCPlanet C - Akatsuki: Venus mission
SOHO Solar & Heliospheric Observatory
SPP Solar Parker Probe
STA/B STEREO A & B: 3D Solar imagery
STF (Spitzer) Infrared Space Telescope
TESSTransiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
TGO Exo Mars Trace Gas Orbiter
TH A-C Themis (Artemis): Moon study
VGR1 Voyager 1: launched in 1977
VGR2 Voyager 2: launched in 1977
WIND Solar Wind

For more information on these missions and others:
NB: ATOT, GBRA, HCRA, MSPA, RFC are either Network activities in radio astronomy, maintenance or systems development.
GSSR - Goldstone Solar System Radar.